Jay’s Bus Service

From smoky drinks to dragon popcorn.  Our services are both adult and kid-friendly.  We have Jeff, Vladan, and Luke shaking the drinks and lighting the popcorn for the ultimate party experience.


Did someone say Brunch?  We changed our Summer baby pineapples to pumpkins. Cheers to the fall season featuring our Cozy Bellini.

Kid’s Party

Mocktails, Cocktails, and Soft Drinks. Welcome to our lab.

Terrace Party

We organize ourselves to compliment your event.  Everything from our mixologists, mixers, ingredients, and menus is styled to reflect your vision.

Social Gathering

We want to be a part of those important gatherings and celebrations.  Here we are at an intimate gathering ready to shake it up.

Birthday Party

With a little sprinkle of magic, Jeff brings the Dragon Popcorn to life.

Event Night

Our guys are crafty with it.  Good vibes, fantastic style, and great energy- that’s the Ignited way.  Our Mixologists have passion for the craft and they treat every drink just as important as the last.  They also get excited for the Dragon Popcorn because who wouldn’t want to breathe fire.  It’s a team effort and […]

Office Party

The Master of Concoctions and founder of Ignited Event is featured here.  Combining one of our most popular cocktails and dragon popcorn, Jeff crafted this alcohol-infused Dragon Popcorn for the kid in every adult.   He’ll keep adding some magic until he gives everyone the power to breathe fire.

Kosher Food & Wine

Did we mention we cater to Kosher Events?  We were invited back to the Kosher Food & Wine Experience and given a booth in both the regular admission and VIP area.  We featured our most in-demand drinks: the Romero and Julietta, Spicy Paloma, Watermelon limeade, and our signature Tequila Sunrise.  We had six mixologists, our […]